Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Target Does It Again

It’s pretty much a requirement to l-o-v-e Target if you are a blogger. I did a little shopping there last night and found my absolute most favorite find ever.

Are you ready for it?


This cute little neon pink bow card holder was waiting for me. I have been looking at Kate Spade ones for a few weeks, but just didn’t want to pay the $50+ (for used ones) just to hold all of my rewards cards, business cards, etc. I happened to run up on this by accident last night, and I think the angels sang when I found it.

It is super soft, has lots of room, and is the best pink color.  There are different colors available though. And how KS is that bow on the front?

Ready for the best part?

bow price

Yep. $7 bucks for that baby.

Safe to say, this is my new favorite Target find. Ever.

*Also, I’m holding The Blog Baton today on Instagram. Follow me to see what I’m up to today!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Blog Baton

Guess who gets to hold The Blog Baton tomorrow on insta? This girl! And I couldn’t be more excited, you guys!

Blogger, Mason from Mason…Like the Jar, came up with this fabulous idea. Here is how she describes it on The Blog Baton page:

Every week day, a different blogger will take over the Blog Baton Instagram account just for that day. Instead of this baton being city-specific and a way to learn about places and things in a particular area, this will be a way to learn about YOU and things in YOUR life and on YOUR blog. Take pictures throughout your day, share interests, do an OOTD, show us your morning Starbucks or your fresh manicure, share the Pinterest recipe your cooked for dinner...whatever! The choice is yours. This is a way for you and your blog to reach more people in this community of ours.

How cool is that? Be sure to follow me tomorrow on instagram under The Blog Baton account.

Pretty sure this is how I will feel all. day. long.

See you guys tomorrow!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Well, I’ve already lied to you and I haven't even completed the first sentence. It wasn’t intentional, but that title is all wrong.

Shenanigans didn’t happen.

Other than going to the lake for a few hours on Saturday, I stayed home in comfies, binged on Netflix episodes of The Killing, ate my weight in junk food because HELLO MONTHLY VISITOR, cleaned a tad bit and caught up on naps.

The weather was nasty, rainy, and stormy. It was glorious. And I enjoyed every minute!


What kind of shenanigans did you get into this weekend?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s Friday afternoon, and many of you are probably packed up and gone for the weekend. However, I’m still at work with 50 minutes left. I. Can. Make. It.

Since I’ve been a less-than stellar blogger this week, here’s what I’ve been up to… and I’m sharing both the cool things and uncool things that happened. Get ready.

Having margaritas and Mexican food on a patio with my best friend. That’s cool.


Getting a manicure and pedicure one night. Cool.


Having my nail polish chip off in LESS than 24 hours. Not cool.


Talenti gelato in Sea Salt Caramel. Way cool.


Sitting in elementary school pick-up line. So not cool.


Getting a box of Silpada jewels delivered to my door step. Cool.


Finally finishing a book you don’t like because you refuse to stop in the middle. Not cool.

Miss Priss lying on a blanket with her little feet crossed. Well that’s just precious.


Have a great weekend, friends!