Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

While reading through my blog feed, I saw where Hey, Hollywood listed 32 things that made her happy. And it made me happy to read them. Then I, of course, started thinking about things that made my happy, and the list kept growing. So here are my 32.

{Linking up with Erin today!}

1. Finishing a good book

2. Kisses on the forehead

3. A UK win

4. Blooming daffodils

5. New shoes

6. A fruity cocktail

7. Toes in the sand

8. Compliments

9. A major sale

10. Family time

11. Comedy shows

12. A baby's laugh

13. Naps

14. My dog's excitement when I get home

15. Gifts for no reason

16. Cookouts

17. McDonald's coke

18. Thunderstorms

19. Appetizers

20. Silpada boxes in the mail

21. Anything and everything about my niece, Raelyn

22. Texts from someone that gives you butterflies

23. Yum yum sauce from the hibachi grill

24. Riding around with the windows down (& music up)

25. Mia (my Yorkie) resting her head on my arm

26. The smell of lilacs in the spring

27. Getting retweeted

28. A handwritten note

29. Good hair days

30. Boat rides

31. Giggling

32. Manicures and pedicures

I'm also participating in #100happydays on my instagram. Follom me to see my daily photo at melanie_ks or search for #melshappydays to see what makes me happy.


  1. I seriously spend my days thinking about yum yum sauce. And no one in Dallas seems to serve it so I have to make my own and get the hibachi to go.... then I basically drown my food in it. Best sauce EVER. Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Hey girl, there's def. something about McDonalds coke that make it so awesome. I dont know what it is but I hope they keep doing it. lol! ;)



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